About Rummy

Game Overview

Because of affordable internet, growing ownership of smartphones increased no of Online gaming companies and local game developers, and other factors like easy accessibility of games, more and more Indians are playing Online Card games like Rummy. The variation of Rummy that is most popular in India, is India Rummy or Paplu. The hybrid of Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy, Indian Rummy has slightly different rules. Our Rummy777, launched in 2019, is the fastest-growing Tech-powered Rummy platform in India, which is being patronized by a strong base of real skilled Rummy players. We, from the beginning, have been investing in superior game-tech for players to enjoy smooth and flawless gaming experiences. Our engagement with high-quality players continues to be the big factor behind our platform’s growth. Join our Rummy777 world. Download the Rummy777 app, register yourself, start playing games and feel the difference!

History of Rummy

Card games like Rummy are not new to us, Indians. We love to play games that run on smart moves and fast calculation of how other players could move and how fast we can outsmart them. They have been an active part of our culture, family gatherings, parties with friends/neighbors and relatives, family weddings, and festivals.

Beyond fun and entertainment, Card games do enjoy a legitimate value in our festivities. Winning some money during Teen Patti and Flush games amidst the big celebrations of Diwali across India, and Card games played on the regional harvest festival day - Sankranthi in Andhra, on the regional New Year day - Ugadi in Karnataka, is believed to signify and confirm prosperity for the rest of the year.

Wondering, where did this popular Card game begin from? Historians believe that Rummy had begun in the United States, in all the American states bordering upon Mexico, especially Texas. The notable historian and scholar, David Parlett say that Rummy has its origins in the Mexican card game, “Conquian”, which itself is derived from a Chinese card game called “Khanhoo”. A couple of theories talk about the possible Asian connection – one says that the game of Rummy that reached India has evolved from the Japanese game “Hanafuda”, which was developed by the Portuguese who traveled to Japan. The other claims that it came from a Rummy version played in South Asia called Ruck or Celebs Rummy. Sounds exotic, right? The Rummy game seems to have influences from far away cultures and grown in popularity, over the generations, in India.